How We Help

Then & Now Adult Day Center provides the community and independence for senior adults to thrive and the custom engagement they deserve.

The center offers affordable services to support you as a caregiver and improve the quality of life for the senior adult you care for.

  • Family and caregivers: As a caregiver, the energy you dedicate to meet someone else’s needs may not leave  enough time to focus on your needs and maintain your own health. The center provides needed respite to give you back time to manage your life, freeing your energy to provide better care during evenings, nights, and weekends when you’re together. You gain peace of knowing that each day your loved one is in a safe and stimulating environment.
  • Seniors: You will get extra help during the day and enjoy activities tailored to your interests and ability levels. If you’re an older adult, now may be the best time to consider what the center provides—to learn what services are available before you need them so you can plan ahead for when you may need extra support.

A welcome option between in-home care and a nursing home

We designed Then & Now from our experience caring for our grandmother. Like so many people her age, she wants to maintain an independent lifestyle with the companionship, social engagement, and activities she’s always enjoyed as part of a community. When it was no longer practical to involve her in all of our family outings and activities, we designed a similar environment, built around her interests and appropriate to the changes she experienced with age. Choice is the underlying theme of our center: choices allow each member to actively express their personality and independence.

Creative care in a choice-driven setting

Each member joins us with a rich life history and individual preferences and interests. That’s where we begin. Our staff partner with each member to customize their day’s experience and define what wellness and fulfillment mean to them.

Always an exciting day!

Then & Now offers a wide range of classes, clubs, and activities, which evolves based on member interests and is adapted to be accessible. Members can look forward to fun, engaging days to pursue individual interests such as crafting, yoga, daily field trips, trips to coffee shops, art classes, or assembling personal care bags to distribute to the homeless. A day may include wellness checks, a visit to the antiques outlet mall, swimming, or time in the gym or the salon. 

Options that reinforce community 

Our general store and shop is a signature feature of the center that reinforces community. It is a nonprofit store where anyone of any income level can gather clothes, personal care products, or books and “pay” by a cashless method. Our members enjoy “working” in these stores, helping customers with style or with book choices. Members also get hands-on participation prepping clothes and stocking shelves. We bring the community in-house.

Members enjoy being able to choose what they participate in, such as:

  • Fiction and non-fiction book clubs
  • Senior Park Rangers
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Large and small group music
  • Computer and technology courses
  • Cooking
  • Art
  • Animal therapy

Note that television is not included in our activities since we want daily activities to be engaging.