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Keeping an Active Body and Mind in Aging Adults

Importance of an Active Body and Mind in Aging Adults

Living a fulfilling, independent lifestyle starts with staying mentally and physically fit. Whether a person is 10 or 80 years old, being active and participating in social activities are essential to wellness. People who receive the right support within their community are more likely to maintain cognitive health. Keeping an active body and mind in aging adults may prevent early deterioration.

Regular exercise for seniors improves mental and physical health, allowing them to do their daily activities independently. Those in assisted living communities may also find activities and interpersonal relationships useful in enhancing their daily life. Senior exercise programs provide great health benefits and socialization, and keeps the mind sharp. Other valuable aspects of an active body and mind include:


Disease Prevention

It’s no surprise physical activity helps prevent common diseases. Studies show seniors who stay physically and mentally active are less likely to develop common age-related diseases like dementia, heart disease, and diabetes. This is due, in part, to the fact that exercise promotes blood flow and helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Overall, an active lifestyle can help protect against many common health conditions in seniors.

Decreased Risk of Falls

As we age, our risk of falling increases. Falls may lead to serious injuries, such as fractures and head trauma, and can cause a decline in overall health. Fortunately, there are steps seniors can take to help reduce their risk of falling. One of the most important is to stay active. Regular physical activity helps to improve balance and muscle strength, both of which help prevent falls. In addition, staying active also helps to improve joint flexibility and range of motion, making it easier to recover from a stumble or fall. 

Enhanced Mental Health

One of the significant benefits of regular exercise is it causes the brain to produce endorphins, also known as the “happy hormone.” Frequent physical activity paired with a balanced diet can promote better mental health for the elderly. Meanwhile, mental activity keeps the mind sharp and improves cognitive function, helping people to better manage stress and cope with unexpected challenges. Additionally, an active lifestyle has been found to improve sleep quality among adults who suffer from insomnia and disrupted bedtime patterns.

Improved Cognitive Function

Cognitive health, which is the ability to think, learn, and remember, is essential to independent living. However, maintaining a sharp mind can become a long-term challenge for aging adults. One of the best ways to improve cognitive function as well as fine motor skills is to get adequate amounts of exercise and nutrition. 

Help Loved Ones Keep an Active Body and Mind

Overall, seniors staying physically and mentally active will set them up to stay healthy and independent longer. A simple walk with a friend every day could alter a lifestyle. Then & Now Adult Day Center in Madison, WI is a community-based day program that empowers aging adults to live an independent and engaged lifestyle. We offer opportunities for involvement to people who want to help the elderly maintain wellness through activities and companionship. Contact us today!